audittools     GitHub

Tools to interpret auditd logs.

finance     GitHub

Scripts and utilities to facilitate my bookkeeping.

gnome-session-kwin     GitHub

Configuration files and helper program to run classic GNOME with the KWin window manager.

lenovo-password     blog postGitHub

An implementation of the Lenovo ThinkPad HDD password algorithm.

namedlock-rs     GitHub

Namespaces for named synchronization locks in the Rust programming language.

pe-rs     GitHub

Zero-copy Portable Executable parser in Rust

ptdump     GitHub

Tools to dump/analyze page tables on various OSes

pwdb     GitHub

A web-based password manager with GPG-encrypted backend.

rust-combinators     websitemore informationGitHub

Selection tool for Rust combinators.

sgx-utils     blog postGitHub

Various utilities for Intel SGX hardware.

ssltrace     GitHub

ssltrace hooks an application’s SSL libraries to record keying data of all SSL connections.

tpm2-utils     GitHub

Linux utilities for working with TPM 2.0 devices.

uefireverse     blog postGitHub

Tools to help with Reverse Engineering UEFI-based firmware.